The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

There is a saying: “There is always tomorrow,” and it always amazes me how it can morph from being a saying intended to offer hope of a second chance into a repeated excuse to push off tasks to another day. In fact I have been guilty of this many times. Most recently I used that excuse for my blog and ‘tomorrow’ became four months later.

Girl Walking in front of a painted car
This girl is wondering just the same, “What HAVE I been doing?!”

It is amazing how time can fly and you notice you haven’t really accomplished much with the time you lived through. I had this thought today and then I began thinking about what I did do in the last four months. I realized that it was not that I didn’t accomplish ‘anything’, it was that my accomplishments were small day by day so I didn’t notice the changes that have happened. Among the various changes in my life, I think one worth noting is my acquisition of German, however small it may be. Four months ago I moved to Germany and had to Google how to say ‘hello’. Today I can hold a conversation, albeit simple and quotidian. I share this not in an effort to toot my own horn, but to remind myself that every day I take little steps that in combination create something big. This is reminding myself that I am reaching my goals; much the same way in that a baby learns to run: step-by-step.


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