When You Live in a Cold Climate, You Learn to Knit

Today was the first day I could see my breath all day.

I also noticed that German women over the age of 40 are all adept at knitting, and that the knitting needles have all come out on public transport. What a practical form of entertainment on your commute!

Other noteworthy items in today’s news:

  • The German Pilots’ Association (or Luftfahrer) declared anarchy due to the cold weather.
Anarcy Symbol
Anarchy was declared at sunrise.
  • I rescued a 4-year-old’s bike from kindergarten in the middle of the night, and rode it home. I believe the video speaks for itself.

The Great Bike Heist…I Mean Rescue…



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One Comment Add yours

  1. Beck says:

    The Great Bike Heist was funny. But why were you having to rescue it in the first place?


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