Let Me Re-Word That…

“The first shall be last and the last shall be first.” My neighbor uttered this saying as we stood in line at the grocery store. As I looked at her in disbelief, I thought about it. While I thought about it I realized two things.

  1. Waiting in line in a universally hated activity.
  2. It was true; she essentially summed up the German mentality of waiting in line. Somehow, the back of the line in Germany always magically ends up first if a new register opens.

For all their legendary ability to toe the lie and follow directions, their ability to STAND in a line is wanting. Unlike the English who are famous for queuing, so far as I’ve found, there is no rhyme or reason for lining up here in Germany. It is really quite amazing and a fun game.

In other news:

Today I called my boss gay. Really, it was by accident! My German is only mediocre at best! Therefore my learning tip of the day to all those who wish to learn German, “warme” is slang for gay. So, in my attempt to wish her to ‘stay warm’ when she left, I mistakenly told her to ‘stay gay’. 10 points for the employee of the month over here!


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