Last week, on a whim, I called up my friend and suggested that we visit Berlin for the weekend.

Bike Parked on a Bridge
The ambience of Berlin was incredibly East meets West. I’ve never seen or felt anything like it before.

You commonly hear how when you live in Europe (as an American) travel distances will appear so much smaller. And then you move there and realize that an eight-hour journey to Berlin is still just that. Eight tedious hours sitting; you feeling your ass get flatter while you’re surrounded by 40 strangers in various states of cleanliness.

Man Playing a Hand Organ
We saw this man at the Brandenburg Gate playing a hand organ. He also had a monkey and I thought that went appropriately with his face tattoos…

As much as I respect my economic restrictions, I don’t think that riding the bus is worth saving $30. In fact, in an effort to be creatively frugal, we took an overnight bus so that we arrived in Berlin at 7am. Let me assure everyone who has not yet attempted this creative, money-saving solution that you WILL wake up feeling like a five-year-old’s tangled shoelace after trying to sleep through the Turkish rap that was thoughtfully put on as ambient relaxation music.

Trust me though, Berlin was worth the discomfort.

Eduardo at the Berlin Jewish Memorial
My friend, Eduardo, pondering the Jewish memorial in the sunset.
Me making a face at my friend
Again, relaxing at the jewish memorial. I was hungry and ready to go feed myself.
Jewish Memorial West Berlin
This moving memorial is located at the edge of East and West Berlin and is both an over and underground memorial to the unnamed victims of WWII.

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